˙ About us - Base Blu


The Luxury Retail group Baseblu aiming to re-invent the “concept of retail” by bringing design and fashion together and breaking away from the traditional distribution system, first opened its doors nearly twenty years ago in the heart of Varese, a city around fifty kilometers north of Milan.

Our two Multibrand boutiques – Baseblu Women’s Boutique and Baseblu Men’s Boutique spanning over more than fifteen hundred square- meter establishment invite customers to come face to face with the baseblu experience, which offers an inimitable mix and match of haute couture, prêt-à-porter, accessories, fragrances, exclusive lines, pre-releases and limited editions by established brands and designers, new talents and more. Making it a singular destination for discerning customers around the world.

Baseblu invites visitors to explore an innovative take on the retail experience, one that brings native Italian and international creative in addition to luxury brands into an ever-evolving dialogue with one and all under one roof.


Women's shop

Established within the frescoed walls and colonnades of Piazza Podesta’s Palazzo Biumi, one of the most beautiful 16th century surroundings in the heart of Varese. The space of The Baseblu Women’s store is articulated with an integration of tradition and prestige with its antiquated architecture and it’s cosmopolitan interiors offering it a contemporary undertone.

Showcasing a blend of prêt-à-porter, sought-after items of accessories, jewellery, and perfumes from a myriad of Italian and international Brands in a unique approach combining modernity, originality and a careful attention to quality, making every shopping trip feel like a voyage of discovery.


Men's shop

Amongst the exquisite frescoed porches of a 19th century Building in Piazza Carducci, Baseblu Men’s Shop was founded. The store exhibits collections of timeless pieces, bespoke items, apparel, footwear, accessories and fragrances from Iconic Designer brands and emerging designers transforming the space into a treasure trove of the world’s finest luxury brands in a dynamic and innovative ambience.


Men’s Accessory shop

An innovative destination concept store located in via ferrari’s historical building where the antiquated vaults converge with green marbles and high tech displays in a unique conglomeration. Showcasing collections of the most innovative and exclusive brands of shoes, bags and accessories for the most sophisticated men.


Dior shop in shop

Integrating the world of Dior in the form of shop- in- shop in the sixteenth-century Palazzo Biumi in Piazza Podestà, Baseblu has accomplished in amalgamating the core DNA of the luxury brand of Christian Dior with its own - Modernity and Sublimity.

Leather goods, footwear and accessories by Dior find their savoir-faire in a Parisian-style shop-in-shop in Varese's old town center.


Gucci onebrandshop

In addition to the two-multi brand stores- Baseblu women and men, the Dior shop-in-shop and the Hermès boutique, Baseblu group is also composed of the Gucci one brand shop opened in July 2011 with a floor area of around two hundred square meters, the shop is located in the old town center of Varese, in Via del Cairo 1, within a finely restored historic building.

Like a bridge between past and present, the boutique reflects Gucci's double essence: the timeless luxury tradition and the ability to set out trends in the fashion world.